Our webinars and networking events will provide powerful insights, innovative ideas and inspiring connections to boost your leadership, teamwork and culture, ensuring you and your company are fit for the future of work.


Building energized, high-trust project teams in innovative businesses

Work in tech, science, engineering and other innovative companies is increasingly accomplished through multi-disciplinary project teams, typically based across multiple sites and time zones. In this webinar, James Brook, our MD and leading business psychologist, will outline the key principles of high performing teams based on research, his own experience and best practices across tech. He will also provide practical guidance on how best to form and select, manage and motivate teams to strengthen their success, engagement and learning.

Duration: 30 minutes
When: 4.30 – 5.00pm 1st May 2019 (Past Event)

Dealing with difficult conversations

In this webinar, James Brook, our MD and leading business psychologist, will explore how to have tough conversations with co-workers and other stakeholders, even if people are far more powerful than you. He will introduce a powerful conversation framework based on the latest psychological science and discuss how to overcome the blockers and fears arising from tough conversations. He will also provide plenty of practical tips to help guide your conversations and enable you to achieve positive and productive relationships at work.

Duration: 30 minutes
When: 4:30 – 5pm 25th September 2019

Decoding winning cultures in tech

This webinar will explore the secrets of winning cultures in tech and beyond. Including the principles, programs and practices that underpin the most energizing and successful work environments.

Duration: 30 minutes
When: 4:30 – 5pm 22nd January 2019 (Past Event)