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Our talent and leadership consulting and coaching solutions help you identify, coach and develop leaders and teams to deliver breakthrough success, innovation and positive work cultures fit for the future.

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Selection and Assessment

We help your organization make better hiring decisions, ensuring the right people are in the right roles.

Our solutions use the latest science in psychological assessment to accurately predict the success and culture fit of leaders and key talent, boosting performance, engagement and retention. We start with research to understand what defines excellence in key roles you are looking to fill, as well as gaining insight into team and culture fit requirements.

This insight translates into powerful assessments to measure candidates’ strengths, performance risks and potential, differentiating high performers from below or average performers in a role.

Our TalentPredix™ interview and assessment process is uniquely designed to assess job-specific strengths, performance risks, culture fit and agility as well as habits required for success. We can also measure potential and succession readiness using a similar process.

We help make the assessment process easy for you with straightforward implementation, jargon-free reports and expert feedback.

Solutions we offer include:

  • Competency and strengths profiling
  • Executive/leadership new hire assessment
  • Identifying leadership succession potential
  • Upskilling your line managers to hire the best talent
  • Upgrading hiring and assessment processes to build diverse and inclusive talent pipelines

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As co-designer of Strengthscope®, James, our MD, and our team of highly skilled practitioners are ideally placed to help train and implement Strengthscope® in your tech business.

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Management and Team Development

Managers and teams need the required skills, habits, beliefs and tools to achieve their goals and deliver greater levels of innovation and success for the business. They also need to build capabilities to face tomorrow’s challenges to ensure lasting growth.

Our innovative Success-driven Manager™ (Optimize Your Success, Optimize Your Team’s Success and Optimize Future Success) program helps managers and leaders unlock their talents and those of their people to accelerate growth and success.

The related Success-driven Teamplayer™ program provides teamplayers with the skills, habits, beliefs and tools to accelerate growth and success, enabling them to optimize their potential and performance.

Our solutions go far beyond workshops and guidelines. We offer tools, resources and innovative delivery methods that take account of your context and diverse learning needs of participants.

Solutions we offer include:

  • Training and development needs analysis
  • Teambuilding workshops using our powerful Energizing Teams™ approach
  • Team productivity and success habits training
  • Management core skills development
  • Manager and team coaching and mentoring

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Performance Management

Even the best talent can’t deliver strong performance unless performance is effectively managed and people feel motivated and energized.

We help you optimize the performance, motivation and agility of your workforce to drive excellence, career success and a culture of learning.

We also support you to design workplaces and talent practices that lead to positive work experiences that improve people’s overall happiness, engagement and productivity.

Solutions we offer include:

  • Designing innovative performance and feedback systems
  • Performance management skills training for managers, including how to provide effective feedback and dealing with poor performance
  • Productive work habits and communication training
  • Potential Optimized™ strengths-based career development workshops
  • Building high-trust, positive cultures

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Leadership and Change

The leader’s role is no longer just about inspiring and influencing people. Leaders have a key role to play in helping people deal with frequent, disruptive changes they experience. Leaders also need to build energizing cultures that attract the right talent, guide habits and inspire people to deliver the company’s purpose and goals.

We help you identify and develop a strong pipeline of leaders who are able to inspire people to deliver the company’s goals, create great workplaces and confidently support people to navigate change.

Our succession planning solutions enable you to identify future leadership talent and strengthen your company’s talent pipeline. We assess the strength of your current capabilities and evaluate future needs, providing clear recommendations to boost your leadership.

Solutions we offer include:

  • Assessing leadership potential, including ensuring more diverse talent pipelines
  • New leader onboarding and team integration
  • Leadership team culture and strategy workshops
  • Succession planning, including preparing under-represented groups such as women and ethnic minority talent for advancement
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring
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Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching for executives, managers, hi-potentials and teams in technology, science and other innovative sectors will improve performance, motivation and agility so they deliver breakthrough success and positive work cultures.

We support a wide range of leadership coaching needs including accelerating growth, organization and cultural transformation, mergers and acquisitions, onboarding, career transition, building leadership readiness among high potentials, performance turnarounds, stakeholder influencing and impact, improving diversity and strengthening leadership teams.

Our coaching is business-led and customized to your requirements. Key steps include:

  • A discovery process to clarify coaching goals, expectations and business priorities.
  • Undertaking assessments and 360-degree feedback surveys to build self-awareness and momentum for change.
  • Delivering a series of high impact coaching sessions, with pre-work and follow up learning activities.
  • Reinforcing learning by providing access to a wide range of online tools and resources.
  • Reviewing progress to ensure ongoing success and improvement

All our coaches have advanced coaching and commercial qualifications together with excellent experience gained with leading companies in technology, science and other innovative sectors. We also work across multiple geographies and cultures.

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Digital Talent Consulting

Are your people and organization ready for the digital age?

Breakthroughs in computing power, robotics, AI and other technological advances will profoundly transform talent and organization processes in the coming years. Remaining competitive requires more than a digital transformation plan. It requires a talent and people plan that ensures your leaders and teams are equipped with the right mindsets, capabilities and organizational support to successfully deliver the change.

Solutions we offer include:

  • Discovery workshops for HR/L&D, leadership and teams to consider the impact of digital transformation and plans to navigate it effectively
  • Leadership and team capability development to drive accelerated digital transformation
  • Future of work learning workshops and presentations
  • Road mapping to guide the digital transformation process
  • Research, advice and sourcing AI/digital partners for HR/L&D